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Hey Rock It Scientists(LHGMS members), we would love to display your rock art for our showcases going to City Hall.  Bring items to the Lapidary Shop anytime from September 23 through October 8.  We need smaller items.  Please put in a bag, plastic or paper and document your name, phone number, and items included and description of item.  This gives Al time to get them set up before we move them to City Hall on October 17.  We will need help moving them that morning.  The displays will be City Hall from the 17-31.  Share the fun and education of our work with the city.  Please leave at the Havasu Rocks Lapidary Shop, 278 B London Bridge Rd, Lake Havasu.  You can also contact Al Yanity at alyanity@outlook.com or Jane Highness at highnessj7@gmail.com.

Thanks a bunch. Rock On, jane

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